Class of 2017.

Photo Apr 29, 6 13 29 PM.jpgWe are coming up on graduation season! A great time for students and photographers alike. I have several friends graduating college this spring and I look forward to celebrating their many accomplishments. It can be such a strange transitional time but also one filled with potential and new beginnings. I remember being so nervous for what the future will bring but here we are a year later and I am surviving adulthood just fine. (How an entire year has passed is beyond me…) Happy early graduation Class of 2017, welcome to the next chapter of your life!

Now booking senior portrait sessions! Contact info is in the drop down menu and also on my Instagram.

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Attended my first Alumni Weekend at UCSB this weekend (woo! getting old!) and got the opportunity to reunite with so many dear friends. For a short while, we were back in the Narnia that is Isla Vista where the responsibilities were minimal and the fun times were anything but that. It felt odd and amazing all at once; our happy place filled with unreal memories but also no longer ours. As always, however, there was dancing, drinking and losing sleep – guess some things really never change! Forever grateful for our Gaucho name that bonds us for life.

I wouldn’t dare see my best friends and let them go without capturing some shots of their natural beauty first ❤ Many more shots on my Instagram! @dianaelenaphotos

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Friday Feature: MUA Alice.

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This week’s feature is a familiar face on the Diana Elena Photos radar! Just wanted to spotlight Alice as the fantastic makeup artist that she is. A lot goes into making beautiful pictures a reality and a good makeup artist is one of those key elements. Years of practice have made her very talented at her craft and I always know who to call when I need to feel like Beyonce (which is a daily mood honestly). From bridal to photo shoots to daily glam, she’s done it all!

Her work can be found on her Instagram and her blog, Glitter and Whatever! Anyone that has met her will vouch that she’s bound to leave an impression.

Exploring Midtown.

Photo Mar 25, 3 22 40 PM.jpgI recently took over Explore Midtown’s Instagram for a weekend and it rekindled my passion for capturing Sacramento’s uniqueness. It made me so very happy to show my friends from Southern California some of the great things our state’s capitol has to offer. Here I captured them with yet another beautiful home near Temple Coffee in Midtown; post coffee and mellow strolls in the sunshine – the image of pure bliss. I always have an eye out when I’m walking  around in search for my dream home…

See more on @exploremidtown’s page!

Friday Feature: Chalk and Sawdust.

Processed with VSCO with q8 presetI’ve said before, but seriously it such a joy to be surrounded by creative minds that understand my quirky artistic ways. This Friday’s feature is my very own Madison’s Etsy shop Chalk and Sawdust, that produces some of the hippest handmade crafts, personalized and made for each client. I appreciate the attention to detail and it is undeniable that she’s got some skills! The picture shows a gift Madison gave me for Valentines Day, that she made herself of course. Not only is it beautiful but also the words resonate with me deeply. Take a look and bookmark for all of your future gifting or home decorating needs 🙂 Plus her instagram has even more cool stuff!

Shop here!

Browse Instagram here!

Sacramento in Bloom.

Processed with VSCO with c5 presetSpringtime is my favorite: the trees are in bloom, the weather warms up and the sun shines. Oh, and my birthday comes along, I like that too. All of the blooming trees and flowers have had my creative juices flowing! Couples, portraits and fashion have been on the menu and this season has proven to be an amazing backdrop. Here you can see my favorite couple looking perfectly in love in Capitol Park, Sacramento.

Friday Feature: G.

Processed with VSCO with c5 presetThis is the first installment of a new weekly feature I plan on developing, just to showcase highlights of my daily life i.e. great models/friends/food/places to go etc. I am happy to feature Garrett this week as I have been on a mission to find more male models. He’s been like a brother to me for years so our shoot was very laid back, just sipping on some beers at Fox and Goose and snapping some pics in between (my favorite kind of shoot!) Definitely planning on forcing more of my male friends to grace my blog, stay tuned ladies and gents.

Springtime lovers.

Processed with VSCO with q8 presetAfter many failed attempts, I finally squeezed in a shoot with two of my closest friends Madison and Aj. (6am wakeup call for pics, that’s friendship right there.) We became friends when we were wee high school graduates and I have had the pleasure of watching their love grow over the past 5 years. They have managed to overcome the obstacles that life has thrown their way and come out strong and happy. I look forward to many more years of being your third wheel (with Aj occasionally/usually being the 3rd wheel to me and Madison). XOXO

Dream team.

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It still amazes me how much talent I am surrounded by in my friend group. The more I shoot with these humans, the more I uncover their natural modeling skills (with Bogdana being the perfect example). Had a Sunday funday shoot at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA and captured some truly beautiful shots. After a few warm up shots, her energy just flowed right into the camera and it became effortless. The camera loves her beautiful bone structure, clearly! I see great things coming in our creative future together!