Summer dreamin’.

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I wanted to share this shot not only because she looks beautiful but also because I snapped it on a whim. You may not be able to tell from the fierceness but it was actually freezing outside and poor Desi was literally shaking from the cold. And yet somehow I was still able to capture the beauty, even with the struggling. I think that’s one big part of what appeals to me about photography: you never really know what you’ll create and often times the best pictures just happen. And of course, that kind of cheesy wisdom can be freely applied to life, if you so choose.

Beating the Monday blues.

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Lately I’ve been living for the weekend since that is when I have time to explore and relax. Today I told myself that I would learn to appreciate everyday and make the weekdays a little more exciting. Whether it’s dinner with a friend or a game night, give yourself a few treats along the way to make working full time a bit more bearable. I hope your Monday isn’t too blue!

P.S. I love you.

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A message to my true love: travel. This is perhaps one of my favorite pictures ever (do I say that often? Oops.) I have come to terms with my gypsy soul and its unquenchable thirst for exploring. I could have a lot more money in my savings account but I sure as hell wouldn’t be as happy. The world feels like a source of endless possibilities waiting to be explored. So this Valentines Day I am happy to be taking yet another trip and sharing the holiday with one of the cities I love most! Keep posted for which one it is, hehe.