Coachella 2017.

Coachella 2017.

Processed with VSCO with c5 presetWell someway somehow we survived another weekend in the desert at Coachella. Honestly, with 100 degree temps it seemed unlikely at times… Anyone who knows me knows I am not a big nature gal; try as I might I just can’t let go of the comforts of home. But we managed to be very prepared and even look cute for pictures so that deserves a round of applause if you ask me. My favorite performances were: Lorde, DJ Snake, Future, Porter Robinson and the xx to name a few. I’ve basically been listening to Lorde’s song Greenlight on repeat for the past week so there’s that.

Some tips for future Coachella goers as my 2nd time around was much more successful than the first:

  1. Bring a sturdy canopy/tarps AND weigh them down/put them down when away. That desert wind is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and we watched firsthand the damage it did.
  2. Arrive as early as possible! We got there Thursday instead of Friday this year and it made a HUGE difference. We got one of the best spots in the whole place and that made the extra day off worth it.
  3. Those fans that have the water spritzers? LIFE SAVING. Buy 10 of them and  thank me later.
  4. Portable phone batteries, bring them all. You don’t wanna camp out by a charging station in that weather, trust me!
  5. Watch alcohol consumption. At the risk of sounding like a mom, it’s so easy to over do it since you’re dehydrated and exhausted by default. I enjoyed the weekend completely sober and had an amazing time! Not saying that’s the way to do it but be careful ❤

Safe to say that this will probably be my last festival for a while but I’m glad I got to share with people I love 🙂

Watch my Coachella mini-movie here!

Sacramento in Bloom.

Processed with VSCO with c5 presetSpringtime is my favorite: the trees are in bloom, the weather warms up and the sun shines. Oh, and my birthday comes along, I like that too. All of the blooming trees and flowers have had my creative juices flowing! Couples, portraits and fashion have been on the menu and this season has proven to be an amazing backdrop. Here you can see my favorite couple looking perfectly in love in Capitol Park, Sacramento.

Friday Feature: G.

Processed with VSCO with c5 presetThis is the first installment of a new weekly feature I plan on developing, just to showcase highlights of my daily life i.e. great models/friends/food/places to go etc. I am happy to feature Garrett this week as I have been on a mission to find more male models. He’s been like a brother to me for years so our shoot was very laid back, just sipping on some beers at Fox and Goose and snapping some pics in between (my favorite kind of shoot!) Definitely planning on forcing more of my male friends to grace my blog, stay tuned ladies and gents.

Springtime lovers.

Processed with VSCO with q8 presetAfter many failed attempts, I finally squeezed in a shoot with two of my closest friends Madison and Aj. (6am wakeup call for pics, that’s friendship right there.) We became friends when we were wee high school graduates and I have had the pleasure of watching their love grow over the past 5 years. They have managed to overcome the obstacles that life has thrown their way and come out strong and happy. I look forward to many more years of being your third wheel (with Aj occasionally/usually being the 3rd wheel to me and Madison). XOXO

Beating the Monday blues.

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Lately I’ve been living for the weekend since that is when I have time to explore and relax. Today I told myself that I would learn to appreciate everyday and make the weekdays a little more exciting. Whether it’s dinner with a friend or a game night, give yourself a few treats along the way to make working full time a bit more bearable. I hope your Monday isn’t too blue!

So fresh and so clean.

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Captured this simple shot near the AirBnb we stayed in, in the Nob Hill area of San Francisco. It was on the cutest street with a Trader Joes on the corner, talk about the dream home for D. The iconic SF architecture provided such a great backdrop for these pictures, I just couldn’t resist taking the ol’ Canon out. The clean colors and simplicity of it bring me so much joy.