Sacramento in Bloom.

Processed with VSCO with c5 presetSpringtime is my favorite: the trees are in bloom, the weather warms up and the sun shines. Oh, and my birthday comes along, I like that too. All of the blooming trees and flowers have had my creative juices flowing! Couples, portraits and fashion have been on the menu and this season has proven to be an amazing backdrop. Here you can see my favorite couple looking perfectly in love in Capitol Park, Sacramento.

Shine bright.

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I have been dreaming of incorporating sparklers into my shoots for a while and the time finally came! The silver lining of this gloomy dark weather we’ve been experiencing is that it makes for great photo shoot lighting. While doing a bridal session with Dorena as my model, I decided to throw one in and take some test shots. Ultimately, the test shots became the final product and I am obsessed! (This is just one of a few magical shots.)As always, you can find more on my Instagram @dianaelenaphotos.

P.S. I love you.

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A message to my true love: travel. This is perhaps one of my favorite pictures ever (do I say that often? Oops.) I have come to terms with my gypsy soul and its unquenchable thirst for exploring. I could have a lot more money in my savings account but I sure as hell wouldn’t be as happy. The world feels like a source of endless possibilities waiting to be explored. So this Valentines Day I am happy to be taking yet another trip and sharing the holiday with one of the cities I love most! Keep posted for which one it is, hehe.

Here comes the bride.

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Not too long ago I booked my first wedding shoot and decided to expand my porfolio a bit in preparation for this. So this week I dabbled a bit with bridal photography thanks to my friend Dorena who so graciously helped me! She had kept her wedding dress and it finally got to leave the closet again. I was so excited to have a real dress and a real bride because it made the whole aesthetic that much more stunning. We used a foresty setting here in the ‘burbs of Fair Oaks and the weather was perfectly overcast, which we all know what that means: lighting on point. The end result was perfect!

Sweet serendipity. 

Sweet serendipity. 

Serendipity is defined as the act of finding something great without looking for it. I can say that most of the great things I have in my life have found their way to me by some powerful force of the universe and it always amazes me the way things work out. I hope your year is filled with serendipity ❤️
Don’t these two just make you want to be in love?! Chemistry is hard to achieve both in real life and in front of the camera but Courtney  and Dean killed it.