24 hrs in the Big Apple. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with NYC. It has an energy and a spirit that few other cities do and remains my favorite even after having seen many parts of the world. I had the chance to take a very short trip this weekend and couldn’t say no! New discoveries this time around: Milk Bar a basic but delicious place for cereal milk ice cream and Mr. Purple for good city views. 
 24 hours were not enough, so who’s looking to be my travel partner? 😇

Beating the Monday blues.

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Lately I’ve been living for the weekend since that is when I have time to explore and relax. Today I told myself that I would learn to appreciate everyday and make the weekdays a little more exciting. Whether it’s dinner with a friend or a game night, give yourself a few treats along the way to make working full time a bit more bearable. I hope your Monday isn’t too blue!

Daydreaming of Greece. 

Greece has been on my mind a lot lately. This is a shot from Mykonos this past summer when I traveled Europe with my bff Bogdana. I miss the narrow walkways and the delicious food. I miss the sunshine and the beautiful men. I even miss staying up all night and being exhausted the next day (which says a lot, I love my sleep). Cannot wait for when I am back in this beautiful place, lounging with a kebab in one hand and a drink in the other.

P.S. I love you.

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A message to my true love: travel. This is perhaps one of my favorite pictures ever (do I say that often? Oops.) I have come to terms with my gypsy soul and its unquenchable thirst for exploring. I could have a lot more money in my savings account but I sure as hell wouldn’t be as happy. The world feels like a source of endless possibilities waiting to be explored. So this Valentines Day I am happy to be taking yet another trip and sharing the holiday with one of the cities I love most! Keep posted for which one it is, hehe.

So fresh and so clean.

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Captured this simple shot near the AirBnb we stayed in, in the Nob Hill area of San Francisco. It was on the cutest street with a Trader Joes on the corner, talk about the dream home for D. The iconic SF architecture provided such a great backdrop for these pictures, I just couldn’t resist taking the ol’ Canon out. The clean colors and simplicity of it bring me so much joy.

Moments not spent in traffic : an LA series pt. 2

I had always heard about Abbot Kinney in La but had never gone until recently and let me tell ya, it was just as hip as they say. All kinds of Vegan restaurants and expensive boutiques,  everything you’d expect in LA. But I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day here  and captured some great sights like this mobile flower shop! Had brunch at The Butcher’s Daughter and it was AMAZING. Would recommend 10/10 especially for those of you that are lactose intolerant because they offer all dairy free 🙂

Girls on a Mission.

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Another day, another great shot of Shanni. Spent the weekend in San Francisco exploring/getting into shenanigans with my bff and took some amazing pictures along the way. This particular one is in the Mission District, which I had not really explored before. There were so many beautiful classing SF homes and a rich culture. We stumbled upon this small Mexican pastry shop and got to enjoy freshly baked goodies that were incredible. My favorite travel adventures are the ones that you happen upon by chance 🙂

Moments not spent in traffic: an LA series. 

Captured this shot while walking to the beach in Southern California and my sweet Courtney obliged my modeling request, as always. Everything about this screams LA hip and I love it. I value having a diverse portfolio and I’m happy to have the opportunity to travel for my craft. Courtney is my most willing model so I know i can always count on her. Plus, the camera loves her pretty face!